North Northamptonshire Retail Capacity Update Final Study

This report revisits the findings of the 2005 North Northamptonshire Town Centres Roles and Relationships Study and the 2006 Update Study. It sets out a revised assessment of the quantum of additional comparison and convenience floorspace which is required across North Northamptonshire in the period to 2031, by updating the 2006 findings with up-to-date forecasts in respect of population, per capita expenditure, expenditure growth, special forms of trading (for example, online shopping), and turnover efficiency of existing retailers. The update is informed by a new household telephone survey of the shopping patterns of residents of the North Northamptonshire Catchment Area (NNCA), which was undertaken between April and May 2010. The report takes into account the effect of major retail developments both within region (such as the development of Willow Place Phase I in Corby) and in the wider sub-region.

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Date Published : 11th February 2011

Author : Roger Tym & Partners

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