The Government has made changes to the planning system which will affect how development plans are prepared in the future.

Through the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, Local Development Frameworks (LDFs) will replace Local Plans. The intention is for LDFs to be much shorter and concise than Local Plans, quicker to prepare and much more 'user friendly'.

The current Local Plan is just one document. The new LDF will be a folder of different documents called Local Development Documents (LDDs).

Currently in Corby we have the ‘Northamptonshire Structure Plan’ (1996-2016) which was adopted in 2001 and the ‘Corby Local Plan’ (1996-2006), which was adopted in June 1997. Copies of the current Corby Local Plan (cost £75.00 inc postage and packing) can be obtained from the Planning Services at Deene House, New Post Office Square, Corby, NN17 1GD. Telephone: 01536 464158, Fax: 01536 464634.

For more information use Local Development Frameworks link below.

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